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Are your relationships filled with arguing, unmet needs or hurt feelings? Do you feel misunderstood?  Are you feeling stuck?  When things are not going well in our closest relationships, nothing feels right in the world.

​Counseling can help you gain insight into the patterns that keep you from rich, healthy relationships.  It can help you create new ways of interacting that help you maintain close connection with your loved ones, even when you disagree. Move toward creating a life with relationships that are more joyful, more fulfilling and more rewarding - you deserve it.

Counseling for Individuals

Life can get confusing.  Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts or compulsions, grief, relationship problems, life transitions, or are looking for new solutions to the same old problems, counseling can help. 

Counseling for Couples

Everyone struggles sometimes with their relationships. But if you're feeling stuck, arguing endlessly about finances, parents or the kids, or dealing with infidelity, retirement or an empty nest, it may be time to call a professional. 

Trauma & PTSD

Bad things happen to good people.  And sometimes, it is difficult to move past these events.  Traditional talk therapy can feel re-traumatizing so I use EMDR to help clients move through and past traumatic memories quickly. 

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Susan Merrill, M.A.

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